1 Preface

Emtech is a subsidiary of Lufuma B2B Services Ltd: (“Emtech”) & Orgnl as a product name.: Emtech has formulated its warranty policy in accordance with the laws and regulations related to the protection of consumer rights and interests in the United Kingdom. The warranty policy is not intended to replace the laws governing the sale of consumer goods, nor the rights and privileges enjoyed by consumers against the original retail seller of the product. Therefore, it does not affect, change, or replace such rights.

1.1 Warranted Products

This warranty only applies to Emtech branded products and packaged accessories that are purchased in the United Kingdom. If the product was purchased in a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or any others countries, the warranty of the country/region of purchase will apply. However, the warranty service may be delayed when accessed in a country/region other than the country/region of purchase.

1.2 Terms in This Document




Replaceable object, without which the main product would still continue to work as normal (chargers, data cables, etc.)


Object that forms an integral part of the main product, and is required for the main product to work as normal (battery, screen, mainboard, etc.)

Main product

Product that incorporates all parts (wearable, laptop, etc.)


Product that incorporates all parts and accessories.

2 Warranty Service for PCs

We provides warranty services for our-branded products. Customers can access warranty repair services for eligible products at any our Customer Service in the United Kingdom.

2.1 Warranty Period



Warranty Period

The host (excluding battery)

12 months

Built-in batteries

12 months

Packaged accessories

Charger adapters

6 months

Dock stations

3 months


3 months

USB charging cables

3 months

2.2 Proof of Warranty

To access warranty services at Emtech customer Service, you’ll need to verify your warranty status, which can be done by providing any one of the following materials. If the warranty information differs between materials, the information on the invoice (including paper invoice, e-invoice, and invoice copy) will prevail.

Proof Type


Invoice (including paper invoice, E-invoice & invoice copy)

  • A paper invoice, E-invoice, or invoice copy can be used to verify the warranty status.
  • Emtech customer Service will need to verify the invoice validity, before warranty services can be provided.


  • The product Serial Number (SN) can be used to verify warranty status, if you are unable to provide any of the above materials..
  • The warranty period will start 90 days after the date of manufacture indicated by the product SN.


The receipt must clearly indicate the device, price and date of purchase.

  • The product warranty period will start from the date that the proof of warranty is issued.

2.3 Warranty Policy



In-warranty Repair

  • Within the warranty period, any Emtech Service in the United Kingdom can provide warranty-covered repair service for products with faulty performance, as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.
  • Within the warranty period, repairable accessories with non-user-related faulty performance can be repaired free-of-charge; accessories that can’t be repaired can be replaced free-of-charge.
  • We will continue to provide warranty services for any necessary replacement parts and accessories for 3 months following the date of repair, or for the remaining period of the product warranty (whichever is longer).

Out-of-warranty Repair

  • Products that meet either of the following conditions are only eligible for paid out-of-warranty repair service:
    • Warranty period has expired
    • Product has been damaged due to user-related faulty performance, or unauthorised disassembly/repair.
  • Paid out-of-warranty replacement (repurchase) will be offered for accessories that can’t be repaired.

2.4 Products Not Covered by the Warranty

Warranty service will be denied to products that:

  • Have been reworked, disassembled, or repaired without authorisation.
  • Are subject to accidental user damage, such as parts oxidation, drop-related damage, improper voltage input, excessive pressure, or main board deformation (for a power adaptor, such damage includes cracks, broken pins, severe deformation, broken power cable, and exposed wire core).
  • Are subject to damage caused by the infiltration of foreign objects/materials (liquids, corrosion, insects, etc.).
  • Are subject to damage resulting from improper installation, usage, maintenance, and/or storage, such as the use of third-party hardware like data cables and adaptors, installation of third-party software, improper testing, or connection with a device that is not authorised by us or is incompatible with the product.
  • Differ from the product model specified in the proof of warranty, or have an altered proof of warranty.
  • Have a product nameplate, SN barcode, or tamper tape that has been removed, damaged, or made illegible.
  • The warranty applies to the product as originally supplied. The warranty does not apply to any software or other equipment owned by third parties however, you should check the end-user license agreement, separate warranty/ guarantee statement(s) and/or any exclusions which are provided or intended to apply to such items.
  • Are subject to force majeure-related damage (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).

3 Repair Quality Assurance

  • For warranty-covered replacement products, the new warranty period starts once the replacement product has been received.
  • Parts replaced outside of the warranty period are granted a limited 90-day warranty.
  • Accessories replaced outside of the warranty period are granted a limited 90-day warranty.
  • Orgnl Customer Service staff are qualified to explain the scope and principles of this limited warranty policy.

4 Repair Guide

  • Make sure to bring the main product and accessories, as well as the product’s unaltered invoice.
  • Back up and delete your personal data before repairing the device. We will not be held responsible for any data-related loss resulting from its performance of a warranty service, in the event that you have failed to back up, delete, and/or remove such data. We will not store any of the personal data on your device for any purpose.
  • If the product is determined not to be covered by the warranty, the Emtech customer Service can only offer paid out-of-warranty repair along with a diagnostic report.

5 Other Statements

  • The information in this warranty policy only applies to Emtech consumer devices.
  • We will not be held responsible for any other commitments or offers made by a third-party (retailer, distributor, etc.) that it has not guaranteed.

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