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EmTech Virtual School is an online education platform that is dedicated to offering high-quality Learn and revises courses. While using our products, it provides the learners with the opportunity to learn, revises and practices.

Learn and Revise

EmTech Virtual School is more than just online resources, it’s a comprehensive distance learning platform devoted to unlocking the potential of every learner. Adaptive support and interactive practice for Maths, English and Science. The best virtual revision resources including learning, practice and revision guides. 


Each topic includes multiple choice practice questions, testing students on the core elements of each topic. Choose between easy, medium and hard..


Revise or practice your English course, including everything you need to revise for and pass or retake English. It is suitable for all specifications.


Everything that you need to revise and prepare,, practice questions and exam style question topic tests for each topic.


Comprehensive practice for every topic

Build confidence in areas you may struggle with, and improve your chances of reaching those top grades. Develop your skills and expertise, and advance your higher education and career opportunities. 






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EmTech Virtual School Portal features the latest technology, enabling you to learn and revise at a time that suits you when using one of our devices. We use feedback from schools, tutors, teachers and of course students to continually develop our resource bank, whilst innovating on the best ways to display this content in the most accessible ways. Through our E-learning portal you can access thousands of questions, revision notes, videos and mock exams to help enhance your learning. 

Let's explore the advantages for each group

1. Increased involvement: EmTech Virtual School allow parents to actively engage in their child’s education, providing them with insights into their child’s progress, performance, and learning activities. 2. Easy access to information: Parents can easily access educational resources, curriculum materials, and progress reports through EmTech Virtual School . This helps them stay informed about their child’s academic journey. 3. Communication with teachers: EmTech Virtual School include communication features that facilitate direct interaction between parents and teachers. This enables parents to ask questions, seek clarification, and collaborate with teachers to support their child’s learning. 4. Flexible monitoring: Parents can monitor their child’s progress and performance on e-learning platforms, tracking their completion of assignments, quizzes, and assessments. This helps parents understand their child’s strengths and areas that may require additional support.

1. Enhanced instructional tools: EmTech Virtual School provide teachers with a wide range of instructional resources, multimedia materials, and interactive activities to engage students and diversify their teaching methods. 2. Personalised learning: EmTech Virtual School include adaptive learning technologies that allow teachers to customise learning experiences based on individual student needs. This helps teachers address students’ unique learning styles and pace. 3. Efficient assessment and feedback: EmTech Virtual School streamline the assessment process, making it easier for teachers to evaluate student performance, provide timely feedback, and track progress. This helps teachers identify areas for improvement and tailor instruction accordingly. 4. Collaboration and resource sharing: EmTech Virtual School foster collaboration among teachers, enabling them to share best practices, resources, and lesson plans. This promotes professional development and a supportive teaching community.

1. Accessible learning: EmTech Virtual School enable students to access educational content and resources from anywhere, at any time, using various devices. This flexibility allows for self-paced learning and accommodates diverse learning styles. 2. Personalised learning experience: EmTech Virtual School provide adaptive learning features that cater to individual student needs, allowing them to learn at their own pace, revisit concepts, and receive targeted feedback. 3. Interactive and engaging content: EmTech Virtual School incorporate multimedia elements, gamified activities, and interactive simulations, making learning more enjoyable and enhancing understanding and retention. 4. Collaborative learning: E-learning platforms facilitate collaboration among students, allowing them to interact with peers, engage in discussions, and work on group projects virtually. This promotes teamwork, communication skills, and a sense of community. 5. Immediate feedback and progress tracking: EmTech Virtual School provide instant feedback on quizzes, assignments, and assessments, helping students gauge their understanding and identify areas for improvement. Progress tracking features allow students to monitor their learning journey and set goals.Review Text.

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