Payment Scheme

We‘re bringing you greater flexibility when you buy Orgnl  product with interest-free monthly payment plans – with no hidden fees!

Orgnl Credit

It’s a quick, straightforward process allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase over 12, 18 or 24 monthly instalments for purchasing an OrgnlLaptop or Tab. Depend on your country and area. 

What is Orgnl Credit? 

Orgnl Credit is a simple and flexible credit line that sits alongside with Orgnl product.  Orgnl Credit is accessible from your local banks or credit union depend on your country of origin, allowing you to manage your payments and check your monthly statements. For more info and help, check out with your local provider. As long as you match our criteria and have Orgnl product you will be eligible to apply for Orgnl Credit. If you are approved for Orgnal Credit, the standard variable rate will not apply. This is currently 0% APR (depend on your countries of origin).

How do I use Orgnl Credit with Orgnl Product?

You can apply for Orgnl Credit directly from our partner in your country. Just acknowledge our partner on Credit option on the payment. All that is left to do is wait for your chosen products to turn up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Orgnl Credit work?

Orgnl Credit is a paperless, card-less credit limit that gives you more control over how you pay. It is a help to buy providing by Lufuma B2b Services Ltd and our partners. Enabling you to spread your payments in easy-to-manage, monthly instalments at 0% interest rate.

What is an APR?

An APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is shown on products where you borrow money so that an easier and fairer comparison can be made. It’s the total cost of your credit product expressed as a percentage, spread over 24 months even more.

Are there any fees associated with Orgnl Credit?

If you’re late with a payment, we will charge you a late payment fee (depend of your country of origin). We also charge a fee if you request a printed copy of a previous statement. For more information on how these fees apply, please refer to your local provider in your country of origin and your Credit Agreement.

How do I make payments?

You can make a single payment from your bank account, credit company or others sources at any time. Alternatively you can set up monthly Direct Debit payments from a bank account. To set up Direct Debit payments, check with your local provider and follow their instructions on the Making of Payment.

Does Orgnl Credit offer other benefits?

Orgnl Credit gives you credit that you use to buy our Laptop and or Tablet. Other benefits include: Flexibility and control – choose to settle up immediately or spread the costs monthly. An easy way to manage purchases: view purchases on your monthly statement or online.

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